Therapy for Adolescents

The life of a teenager is complex and filled with daily challenges that adults frequently forget or minimize.  You struggle with overwhelming feelings, harsh social environments, and daily attacks to your self-esteem, all while balancing new levels of responsibility and independent coping.  Therapy for adolescents provides safety for teenagers who want to develop trust, coping skills, and personal expression.

How I Work With Adolescents

I bring my Person Centered approach to working with adolescents in two ways.  First, I make sure you know and feel that my office is a place where I accept you for exactly who you are.  Second, I brainstorm with you on areas in your life in which you want to excel, and practice new skills with you that will help you succeed in those goals.  I trust you to share with me your experiences as a teenager, so that I can fully support you in growth toward adulthood.